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Hand-crafted from the Heart
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This started out as a really fun hobby.  I sincerely enjoy crafting; it is a way for me to escape from the turmoil of life in general.   I decided to turn my hobby into a business about two years ago.  I think I finally have a sound web design program and the new site I am very happy with so far.  Thank you in advance for visiting Susan's Craft


Susan Larivee
Owner and operator of
Susan's Craft Corner 
Susan L Larivee
Visit my blog by clicking above button "Blog" to watch my creations come alive.  Also, "Tips and Tricks" about polymers clay. Learn from my mistakes and save money and time.  Join my blog today and start learning and sharing.  See you there. 
Susan's Craft Corner
The "Paw Print" beads, buttons, bracelets are all included "The save a Pet" Promo., For each item sold $1.00 will be put a side for a yearly donation to The Animal Rescue League.

SCC is re-decorating with "Clay Canes"

Cleaning out old jars, plastic containers, lids and more.
Making trash a treasure.
Hair, Girls!
Testing out some clay hair Accessories
As soon as I am sure I have a good product,
I will have several types for sale.
Clay Jewelry
Fun Bracelets